Adult Artistry Workshop | March 4, 2024- April 25, 2024

Clay Class goals
Introduce students to different types of clay, and tools, and a summary of clay and pottery history. Familiarize students with three hand-building techniques (without wheel) and lead them to ideate and create functional, decorative, or artistic projects such as animal or human sculptures, pots, dishes, etc, exploring and applying the three techniques. Describe the process of kiln firing and its requirements. Explain the glazing process and how to perform it appropriately. Clarify and correct mistakes, and help refine their skills during the process of making art pieces and glazing.
Mixed Media goals
Mixed Media class is to foster creativity, experimentation, and artistic expression by encouraging students to explore and combine various materials, techniques, and concepts in their artwork. This includes promoting mastery of different mediums, developing a deeper understanding of color theory and composition, and encouraging innovative approaches to artistic expression. Ultimately, the goal is to empower students to create unique and compelling artworks that reflect their style and vision.

The workshop is all about giving you a structure to your education. These are the exact exercises you can use to improve your skills as an artist, no matter where you're at right now. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these courses will push you to the next level.

We offer 8 classes to adult students. Each week, we focus on different topics at the workshop.

Tuition and promotions

one 8 weeks workshop: $360

Two 8 weeks workshop (5% off): $684

Three 8 weeks workshop (10% off): $972

drop in one class: $60

Materials are included.

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