Alexis Robinson

Alexis Robinson is a dedicated educator and accomplished artist specializing in children's artistic development. Holding a BA in Studio Art alongside a minor in Child Developmental Psychology from the University of Rochester (2021), Alexis has embarked on a meaningful educational path. Her teaching philosophy is centered around utilizing diverse mediums—including sculpture, fiber arts, and painting—to foster children's exploration of artistic expression through various tools and materials.

As an illustrator, Alexis excels in character development and narrative creation, employing these skills to encourage children to observe their surroundings and creatively articulate their thoughts and feelings. Committed to nurturing a love for art and creativity in young learners, Alexis is eager to contribute to your child's artistic journey.


Michelle Jacobsen

Michelle Jacobsen (she/her), an alumna of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA, 2017), brings a diverse and accomplished background to her practice. Her expertise spans commercial sculpture fabrication to showcasing her works at notable venues such as the SAIC Galleries and Art Bash. Michelle's pedagogical experience is as varied as her artistic skill set, having successfully taught students of all ages a broad spectrum of mediums. She is deeply committed to both educating her students and fostering their growth. Michelle primarily uses kiln-fired clay, oils, and pen and ink in her artistic endeavors, demonstrating a versatile and profound approach to material and medium.


Maryam Hajjar

She is an illustrator and art educator. She holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA. Since 2003, she has held university teaching positions in the main courses of Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Arts and Culture and Azad University in Tehran and Isfahan. Later, he joined AAFA and was responsible for illustration books and creative painting courses. During this period, she wrote and published several books on illustration, which were used as one of the main reference books for teaching in the university education system, and guest edited several publications. Her work has been exhibited in various contemporary museums and classic galleries and was selected for KAC ‘Make Your Mark’ in the United States. Her lifelong education in art and strategic thinking has shaped her into a multidisciplinary designer, media artist, and illustrator focusing on innovation and perfection.

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Hemlata Joshi

Hemlata Joshi, an acclaimed designer and educator, brings a wealth of expertise to the American Academy of Fine Arts, underpinned by her Master of Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. With a robust background encompassing over seven years in the visual arts and four years in managerial roles, Hemlata's professional journey is marked by significant achievements and accolades. Her tenure at the Art Institute of Houston is particularly notable, where she excelled in cultivating a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for her students. Hemlata's adeptness at tailoring her pedagogical approach to meet individual student needs and her comprehensive understanding of fashion and textile design renders her an indispensable asset to the American Academy of Fine Arts' mission of promoting excellence in art education.

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Nasima Davati

We are delighted to announce Nasima Davati's upcoming addition to our American Academy of Fine Arts team as an art teacher. With a profound passion for art and education, Nasima is poised to enrich our students' learning experience, guiding them to explore and develop their artistic abilities. Her commitment to nurturing creativity and individual expression will enhance our educational offerings.


Avra Zhuang

Avra Zhuang, a distinguished artist, has dedicated her life to mastering various painting techniques, focusing on oil painting. Inspired by the Post-Impressionist movement, her paintings embody a unique blend of innovation and tradition. Zhuang's exceptional oeuvre, marked by its depth and artistry, has been showcased in prominent exhibitions and renowned museums, reflecting her significant contribution to the art world.

Beyond her artistic achievements, Zhuang is deeply committed to art education, leveraging over two decades of experience as a revered mentor. Her guidance has enabled her students to secure top honors in prestigious national and international art competitions, facilitating their entry into elite educational institutions.

Zhuang's mentorship has seen her students gain acceptance into Ivy League universities such as the University of Pennsylvania and Yale and other prestigious schools like Stanford University and the Rhode Island School of Design, and so on. Her influence transcends her art; Zhuang is a fervent advocate for art education within the community.

As the founder of the American Academy of Fine Arts, Zhuang has further solidified her role in shaping the future of art education. Her legacy is vividly reflected not only in her artwork but also in the achievements and accolades of her students, highlighting her profound impact on the next generation of artists.