Little Picassos (age 4-6)

In the "Little Picassos" program for 4-6-year-olds, we introduce the joys of art through engaging activities that cover color theory, shapes, lines, texture, and patterns. Our young artists will explore various materials to express their creativity and develop fine motor skills. Each session is designed to spark imagination, encourage expression, and build artistic confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

Creative Explorers (Age 6-8)

In this art program, creative explorers delve deeper into the artistic process, exploring themes like storytelling through art, elemental composition, and the introduction to famous artists and styles. Interactive projects encourage creative thinking and personal expression, all in a playful and supportive setting that fosters a love for art.

Artistic Pioneers (Age 8-12)

The art classes for artistic pioneers focus on refining artistic skills and exploring a more comprehensive array of mediums. Students will learn about perspective, shading, and more advanced techniques, drawing inspiration from art history to contemporary practices. This art program enhances creativity and technical ability in a dynamic and encouraging environment.

Art Prodigies (Age 12-18)

Our art program for teenagers aged 12-18 is geared toward honing artistic talents and exploring individual expression. Students will engage with complex concepts such as abstract art, digital media, and portfolio development, preparing them for advanced artistic endeavors. This art program offers a platform for self-expression and artistic growth in a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere.