American Academy of  Fine Arts provides basic drawing and painting skill class for K-5 students at Medina Elementary school.

We’ll introduce the basic elements of sketching and drawing such as line, space, and perspective. Discover the secrets of shading solid forms. Explore a variety of drawing media. Master the principles of light and composition and hone your observation skills. Learn the language of drawing and how to convey ideas with illustrations.
Grades: K-5.
Schedule:  Jan 15 - Jun 11 (20 classes total, no class on 2/19 and 4/9)
                   Tuesday   2:30pm – 3:45pm
Fee: $560
Note: Seats are limited. First come first serve. If needed, we will add art classes in the next term. Thanks.

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After you register the class, a confirmation email will be sent to you shortly. A payment link will be found in the email once you register the class successfully.